Detailed 3D CAD model of a complex machine

Our Services


Experiment design (DoE), testing, test software development using Labview, data gathering and analysis, engineering calculations across all mechanical disciplines.

Life and Reliability

Reliability and demonstration testing plans, structural finite element analysis (FEA), stress-life and strain-life fatigue analysis and fracture mechanics.


CE/UKCA marking and compliance with associated directives, risk assessments, EHSR conformance, product manuals and technical authoring, plus EN ISO 13849 analysis and validation of safety-related parts of control systems.


3D CAD modelling, 2D assembly and manufacturing drawings, material and process selection and additive manufacturing.For UK clients – contract design, both Inside IR35 and Outside IR35.

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Product Development Engineers Ltd will help you to develop mechanical products, offering a comprehensive range of engineering and related services. From business support through to project task realisation, and from concept development through to ongoing management of launched products, we’re here to help.

We are happy to work with companies and individuals from small sub-tasks and their completion, right through to full-scale product management. Our focus is on what you need, and our engineering services are all targeted to be modular, such that you can pick and choose the elements you need help with.

We want organisations to consider us as their partner of choice in new product development. Partnering with innovators, entrepeneurs and start-up organisations is what gave us the motiviation to start up this organisation, and working with them to get the outcomes they need as they follow their path to success with their product development is what keeps us enthused: that, and the particular challenges that each problem to be faced down can present, be they intellectual, analytical or organisational in nature.

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Especially at the task and services level, we also work with established organisations of all shapes and sizes if they are wanting to expand or add more rigour to the processes they’re using already, or if they simply need assistance because they do not have the skills sets or resource levels in-house to manage their project within the constraints of the timescales they need to work within to bring their product to market.

If we are able to work with you, and you think we are able to provide the type of expert assistance you need, please get in touch and let’s explore how we can help.